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StarMetric 5759
Money 2757
Critical 4320
Social 1877
Romain Duris
StarMetric 8061
Money 8236
Critical 5815
Social 4624
Angelina Jolie

StarMetrics makes the power of big data available
to content creators for film, TV and new media.

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What is StarMetrics?

Big Stars, Bigger Data

StarMetrics compiles, organizes and analyzes hundreds of data points on each actor – including age, nationality, critical appeal, social media appeal, domestic and international box office, genre track-record, and more – in order to provide the most complete and useful database of half a million actors.

Search, Explore and Compare

Star Metrics also allows you to search, sort and organize actors across various categories, so you can make informed casting choices and creative decisions.  Who are the top ten British actresses over 50 in a drama?  Who’s the best American actor under 30 with high social media scores?  StarMetrics gives you the tools you need to answer questions like these.

Build Your Own Cast Lists

The StarMetrics dashboard gives you the tools to create a cast list based on certain parameters, track the star power of your cast over time, or track a list of trending names to see who’s rising fast. You can also easily share your cast list with colleagues to make group casting decisions easier and faster.

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